Dating or Casual Sex – Which One Goes Better

During Roman times, the Empress Messalina of Claudius was  the “Queen of the Imperial Whores.” She would sneak out while Claudius was sleeping to go to a brothel to be a sex worker. She used the name “Lycisca” which means “Wolf Bitch.” Messalina had an epic orgy when she challenged another prostitute to a twenty-four sex marathon. Messalina won by laying 25 men, one customer per hour.


A pleasurable activity

Throughout history, in many cultures, sex has been deemed as a pleasurable activity. It is indulged into the point that even an Empress will become a prostitute. Like Messalina, some people have an insatiable appetite for sex. To make out with 25 men in one day does show that her libido is on an all-time high. 

Casual sex

Casual sex satisfies the burning passion that fires up from the loins. A person chooses another through XXX sex dating app to fulfill those needs. It is the very presence of another that has the like-minded desire that makes it work.

Standard behavior

Society creates standards for normal behavior. Laws are put in place, among other things. Growing up in a certain culture molds the pattern of behavior to do what is acceptable to the community. What is acceptable in one community might not be the standard for another. For example, a Muslim man may have many wives while other cultures adhere to monogamous marriages. See the difference?

Neither is better

When it comes to dating or casual sex, neither is better. If it works for you, that is the better choice. Though the norms of society might state that casual sex is wrong, it is the standard of the community.

Our freedom

Freedom gives us the right to have pleasure. As long as what you are doing is within the bounds of the norm, such as dating, it is said that what you do is “normal.” However, being open-minded and non-judgmental, if a person wants casual sex, it is historically acceptable behavior. Nowadays, casual is also acceptable, though many still do not speak about it.

Prevent scandal

We all want to live our lives the way we want to. When it comes to our sex life, it is commonly kept ‘under the sheets.’ We prefer to keep our private matters secret to prevent scandal. There are those busy-bodies that gossip, and it can ruin reputations. Even if we live in a more ‘free-thinking’ society, there are those that still stick to the standard and judge what we do

Enter the world of casual sex

You might be interested in exploring the online world that allows you to have casual sex. What you can do to indulge in this kind of pleasurable activity is vastly different from what Messalina did during ancient times. To enter the world of casual sex with privacy, all you have to do is to download apps for sex dates.